Our Account Managers will answer all your questions connected with particular sectors or on locating a business in Lublin, assist in arranging a visit, and help you to contact local companies.

The team responsible for our relations with investors comprises Account Managers specialised in particular sectors who have experience in the commercial market. Their key task is to support the investor at every stage of the process, from exploring market opportunities to locating the business. In their work they focus on obtaining and providing expert and detailed managerial information, creating profile-oriented investment offers, arranging reference visits, as well as providing technical support for the investment locating and networking process. 

Rataja St.

Rataja St., Lublin

Total area: 0,44 ha
Legal status: regulated, private owner
Zoning plan: yes, economic activity
Communication availability: Rataja St.
Present usage: unused
Media: electricity, gas, water supply, sewage discharge – in technical area of Rataja St.

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Mełgiewska St.

Mełgiewska St., Lublin

Total area: 2.47 ha
Legal status: regulated, perpetual usufruct on plots of the State Treasury
Zoning plan: yes, econimic activity area (AG)
Communication availability: Mełgiewska St.
Present usage: unused
Media: electricity, gas, water supply, sewage discharge – on the plot and in technical area of Mełgiewska St.

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Turystyczna St.

Turystyczna St., Lublin

Total area: 3,8 ha
Legal status: perpetual usufruct
Zoning plan: yes, economic activity area
Communication availability: National road Turystyczna St.
Present usage: unused, a few outbuildings, cleaning works in the process
Media: electricity, gas, water supply, sewage discharge: on plot and in technical area of Turystyczna St.


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Grygowej/Plewińskiego St.

Grygowej/Plewińskiego St., Lublin


Total area: 1.9891 ha
Legal status: regulated, private owners
Zoning plan: yes, production facilities and warehouses (P)
Communication availability: Grygowej St. and Plewińskiego St.
Present usage: unused
Media: electricity, gas, water supply, sewage discharge – in road technical area of Grygowej and Plewińskiego St.

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Igor Niewiadomski

Investor Relations Manager

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Automotive & Machinery




+48 601 341 767


Polish, English


Graduated in economics (specialty: international business) as well as finances and accounting (specialty: financial institutions and services). I have always been into maths, numbers, and logic. At university, I developed an interest in data analysis and business services. Because of my passion and involvement, I was hired by Municipal Administration of the City of Lublin and participated in establishing a team providing investment services. Consequently, immediately after graduation, I became a part of the group whose members actively support local businesses and succesfully attract new investors.

My pastimes include new technologies and automotive industry, motor sports in particular.

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