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Our Account Managers will answer all your questions connected with particular sectors or on locating a business in Lublin, assist in arranging a visit, and help you to contact local companies.

The team responsible for our relations with investors comprises Account Managers specialised in particular sectors who have experience in the commercial market. Their key task is to support the investor at every stage of the process, from exploring market opportunities to locating the business. In their work they focus on obtaining and providing expert and detailed managerial information, creating profile-oriented investment offers, arranging reference visits, as well as providing technical support for the investment locating and networking process. 

New Business Centre of Lublin

Lublin shows new investment opportunities that are opening up in the New Business Centre of the city. On the areas around the planned Integrated Metropolitan Transportation Centre, Lublin Fair, and modern sports infrastructure, attractive areas for office, commercial, residential, and hotel development are available now.

Location: 1,5 – 4,5 km from the City Centre

Area size – 225 ha
Consists of:

  • Green areas - 19 ha
  • Sports services - 57 haServices (offices, gastronomy, accommodation and tourism) – 27 ha
  • Commercial services (sales area larger than 2000 m2) – 5 ha
  • Housing - 28 ha

Permissible building height: max 15 above-ground storeys (57 m)

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Special Economic Zone

The location of the Lublin Subzone is not accidental. The land occupied by the SEZ is situated in the south-eastern part of the city, in the Witosa Street area, i.e. close to the Lublin by-pass road, the S-17 expressway junction and Lublin Airport. It is the most favourable location for all the entities investing there.

Currently, the Lublin Subzone is almost completely developed. 68 investors have found convenient conditions for development in that area. 55 companies have completed their planned projects, employing a total of 4,301 people. The value of the projects completed so far exceeds PLN 1,820 million.

Check the infographic about the SEZ Lublin Subzone on SlideShare

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Podzamcze Area

Moving the bus station into the area of the train station opens up new possibilities for changing both areas, which are in the immediate vicinity of the Old Town and Lublin Castle. There is approximately 3 hectars of real estate to manage, which, according to the latest concept, are intended to be used as a perfect location for modern retail outlets, offices and accommodation.

The city of Lublin is looking for an investor interested in buying real estate and realization of the entire investment. This terrain is equipped with all necessary media connections, i.e. electricity, gas, water, heating, telecommunication cables and sewage system are located in road technical area and within plot boundaries of the area being offered. Zoning plan for this terrain is valid and allows for running such activities as modern services, shopping centres with an area above 2000 square meters and hospitality.

Investment Offer - Revitalization of Podzamcze Area [SlideShare]

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Intermodal Metropolitan Station

The project involves rearrangement of the current train station area and construction of a bus station in the direct neighborhood.

The goal of the new investment project, which is referred to as the Construction of Metropolitan Intermodal Station, is to provide modern and convenient infrastructure for the new bus station next to the existing Railway Station. The related opportunities for financial investors are ample: the building will be located next to a major transportation hub and the Local Spatial Management Plan for the area allows a great variety of activities to be located there. Therefore, it will be possible to construct a medium-size shopping mall, office spaces and accommodation facilities.

Intermodal Metropolitan Station - Presentation [SlideShare]

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It always seems impossible until it is done

Łukasz Goś

Head of Investor Relations Office

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Employed in local government bodies for eight years. Currently, Łukasz is the deputy head of the Strategy and Investor Relations Department in Municipal Administration of the City of Lublin. He is responsible for attracting direct investors to Lublin and supporting them in implementing their investment projects in aspects within Mayor of Lublin's competences. For eight years, he has been managing Euro-Park Mielec Special Economic Zone - Lublin Subzone. He is an open-minded and sociable person, ready to help others and accept new challenges. Additionally, Łukasz is involved in community actions and activities aimed at supporting economy in sectors of key importance to the development of the city. Since 2011, he has been the member of Polish Logistics Development Society.

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