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New investment of Stock Polska in Lublin to keep environment in focus

Stock Polska's project to build a modern, environmentally-friendly distillery proves that an industrial investment does not have to translate into an increased burden for citizens or the environment. The new investment will be built on the company's existing industrial site at Krochmalna Street, it will cost around PLN 120 million and will create several dozen new jobs.
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It will be one of the largest industrial investments carried out recently in Lublin. Once the investment is completed, the plant will produce up to 100,000 litres of spirit daily. Marek Sypek, CEO of Stock Polska Sp. z o.o., informed about the company’s plans at a press conference held earlier in July 2020:

It will be a great example of how advanced technology of the 21st century can be combined with care for nature and neighbours. When planning the new distillery, we set the bar very high. The new plant will be full of greenery, including the walls and rooves. Our energy and water recovery systems will be unique in the country. The installation will be soundproofed, while the modern design of the building will perfectly match the revitalization of “Za Cukrownią’ district, right next to Arena Lublin stadium and the new Metropolitan Station, says Marek Sypek.

The company has quickly moved from the planning phase to project implementation. At the beginning of March the company obtained a decision on environmental conditions, which means the Lublin City Hall has given the green light for the realisation of the investment in the area of Spółdzielcza and Krochmalna Streets, where the plant has been operating for more than 100 years now. The decision is not binding yet.

The new investment will be a great example of how to take care of the environment. The distillery will be equipped with modern photovoltaic installation and LED lighting, which will cut down energy consumption by up to 80%. The technology used will also save heat energy– even 3 million m3 of gas annually. The technology of fermentation will be built in closed technology, thanks to which odours will not be released to the outside of the plant. Thanks to shielding of buildings and appropriate construction of rooms, the distillery will be also very quiet for its neighbours. What’s more? Greenery on the roof and facedes watered with collected rain water.

Stock’s investment is due to complete in 2022. The installation will produce raw alcohol, which will be later used to produce alcohol not only for food industry (clear and flavoured varieties of vodka or liquors), but also for medicine, pharma (disinfectants) and agriculture, e.g. to produce disinfectants as part of the collaboration with the National Support Centre for Agriculture (KOWR). Alcohol produced in the new distillery will be based on raw materials delivered by local suppliers from Lubelskie region, including rye, wheat, triticale, barley and corn.

 Such a big and modern investment will help enhance the Lublin’s position on the European map of leading alcohol producers. Thanks to the new distillery, it will be easier for us to win new markets abroad. At the same time, thanks to the excise and taxes we pay we support our local community in Lublin, adds Marek Sypek.


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