Automotive & Machinery

Lublin is a city which boasts a long tradition of automotive and machinery sectors going back to the interwar period. It is an important place on the map of production centres for passenger cars parts, lorries, tractors, coaches and aviation equipment.

The tradition of the Lorry Production Plant, and later Daewoo Motor Poland Factory is now continued by several numerous small and medium companies using the resources and long-term experience of Lublin industry. A significant group are the sub-suppliers creating components for vehicles produced on the assembly lines of large automotive concerns. Another group are the companies designing innovative technological solutions – part of a wider production process aimed directly at the end customer. Of importance to Lublin’s advanced engineering technologies sector are the R&D centres specialising in the design of innovative technological solutions for

the needs of particular clients. The scope of their activities includes construction design, process modelling and safeguarding technical documentation pertaining to production. These companies represent the following industries: aviation, automotive, and the machine sector, as well providing elements for the space sector. Moreover, the automotive and machinery sector is supported by ‘Lublin Automotive and Machinery Upland Foundation’, which aims at establishing ecosystem, that will increase the competitiveness of Lublin industry in trilateral cooperation between entrepreneurs, universities and local government.