IT Services

Lublin has one of the best developed IT ecosystems in Poland in the form of the Lublin IT Upland (LWIT), which is supported by a continually growing pool of IT talents and opportunities to locate companies in modern office buildings.

Lublin is one of the most significant IT ecosystems in Poland and one of the most promising Polish cities in terms of location of IT operations. The majority of renowned Polish companies operating in the industry located in Lublin, as well as many foreign companies of international renown. The chances for career development in this sector are seen by students of Lublin universities studying within the framework of programmes created in cooperation with IT companies and responding to the needs of the industry. Thanks to this, the IT sector in Lublin is constantly supported by a pool of talents trained and ready to work in the profession. Moreover, the size of the industry,

which already employs around 10 thousand people, makes it possible to find also experienced IT specialists on the market. A short distance from Ukraine is also an opportunity to attract skilled workers from the Ukrainian market. The team built in this way can use modern office space in Lublin, thanks to its high supply and lower prices than in other key centres of the sector’s development in Poland. This creates comfortable and friendly conditions for creative work, which also has a positive impact on the integration of employees within the LWIT ecosystem during meetings organised for technology enthusiasts.