Lublin's assets, such as its location and infrastructure, will allow it to become the primary logistics centre for the eastern border of the EU.

It owes this to its favourable location at the junction of transport routes heading from the Baltic states to the Balkans, and from Western Europe to Ukraine and Russia. An additional advantage is the transport network being constantly developed as well as excellent access to investment resources. High-flow-rate expressways surround Lublin. The railway infrastructure allows for transporting goods to Eastern Europe as well as to Baltic seaports, and Lublin airport offers freight transhipment.

Moreover, the city is abundant with investment areas perfect for logistics, as well as industrial developers, and local government institutions provide full support to entrepreneurs during the entire investment process. Lublin is proud of its vast pool of highly qualified employees, graduates of such universities as the Lublin University of Technology and the Technical School of Transport and Communication. What proves that the city offers great opportunities for industrial developers operating in the logistics sector is the fact that key players in the sector located their businesses here.