The highly rated Lublin's healthcare sector is based on the highest quality medical services and developing biotechnology sector, and its driving force is its strong academic background.

There are 13 well-equipped hospitals in the city, including four teaching hospitals of the Medical University, which educate future medical personnel and provide a place to implement unique treatment and diagnostic procedures. The high quality of services and competitive prices in the private sector encourage patients from abroad to visit healthcare centres in Lublin. The sector’s potential is strengthened by a successful cluster of healthcare and health-promotion services which offer a cooperative platform for the university, R&D units and healthcare centres, as well as business entrepreneurs and institutions. The cluster supports R&D activity, cooperation between units, and fosters the high quality of medical services.

The driving force behind the sector is the academic background – future employees of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are educated at four universities. What is more, The Medical University of Lublin is the most popular medical school in Poland among international students from several dozen countries. The implementation of projects with extensive commercial potential is a trademark of Lublin’s universities and research laboratories. The effects of Lublin scientists’ efforts are the invention of artificial bone, a malaria vaccine, the creation of mutanases and ectoine, alongside a number of studies connected with the invention of new drugs, polymers and solutions in energy technology.