Business Services

Lublin, due to an extraordinary quality of life and the accessibility of office spaces, is seen nowadays as a key location for the modern business services sector in Eastern Poland.

Lublin is one of the most prospective Polish cities in terms of locating business services operations. The rapid rise in the importance of the sector in Lublin in recent years occurred due to its convenient location and excellent accessibility, numerous infrastructure projects, a pool of skilled workers and a growing office market. The vast majority of the BPOs, SSCs, IT centres, F&A centres, and R&D centres operating in Lublin were launched in the past seven years. What is more, Lublin’s business services centres have broadened the scope of their activities since their launch and the level of advancement of the services offered by most entities has increased. These two aspects were also accompanied by an increase in the

number of jobs. As for now, Lublin is home to 36 BPO/SSC/IT centres which employ at least 100 people, and the total employment in BPO/SSC/IT and R&D centres is over 14,000. Moreover, Lublin is the largest field of modern office spaces as well as real estate for investments in the eastern part of Poland, with one of the highest office-space growth dynamics. Lublin’s advantages are also the discernibly more competitive costs of space lease and significantly lower processing rates during the purchase of real property compared to other large cities. The city is a reservoir of educated staff for BSS companies. Each year, higher education institutions in Lublin provide more than 15,000 graduates, among which a large group has experience in specialised business services.