Food Processing

Due to the long tradition and its location in the heart of a large agricultural region, Lublin is an important food processing centre.

Lublin Region is the Polish centre for agricultural production which provides 1/3 of the raw material for the entire domestic market. Its natural topography, climate and fertile soils are invaluable assets. Growing various types of cereal, industrial plants, vegetables and fruit, along with animal husbandry, allow Lublin to be a source of raw material supply. Moreover, the ecological food sector is also growing rapidly, with 2000 farms being run in the region.

The best-developed sectors in Lublin include grain-milling, fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat, brewing, herbs, bee-keeping, tobacco and spirits. Businesses benefit from cooperation with higher education institutions, which allows them to develop their products and implement innovative solutions. Farmers are keen on being supported in introducing new crops for industrial needs. Additional advantages are Lublin’s strategic location, good transport infrastructure as well as perfect conditions for running logistics business allowing companies to distribute their products successfully.