Other industrial sectors

Lublin - the largest industrial centre in eastern Poland - has a very rich industrial tradition, is the location of many companies with a significant position on the European market, and offers attractive development prospects providing the necessary infrastructure.

Lublin is a place of development for many branches of industry. Apart from the automotive and machinery industry and food processing, these include printing, metalworking, building materials manufacturing and leather industry. What all these branches have in common are very good conditions for the development of industry in Lublin. It is possible thanks to areas adapted for the development of industry and equipped with necessary infrastructure, as exemplified by the Special Economic Zone Lublin Subzone in the Felin district, greater opportunities to find employees

than in the western part of Poland, as well as Lublin’stransport accessibility ensured by the airport and now modernised transit routes for car transport and railways, which allows access to the DCT terminal and seaports in the Baltic. The development of industry in Lublin is supported by high quality technical secondary schools and universities, including the Lublin University of Technology, which establish cooperation with enterprises in the field of research and development as well as preparation of study programmes tailored to market needs.