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10 reasons why you should invest in Lublin

Are you considering next investment of your company in Poland? Are you looking for a dynamic and developing city? Check our 10 reasons why you should invest in Lublin.
  1. Supreme business position in Eastern Poland
    Lublin is the largest and most developed city in Eastern Poland. The city is the main focus of administrative activities aimed at developing the entire region.
  2. Strategic geographical location
    Its favourable location at the junction of transport routes which connect Western Europe with Ukraine, and the Baltic states with the Balkans, makes Lublin perfect for locating businesses operating both in the East and the West.
  3. Comprehensive transport infrastructure
    Lublin boasts a modern, well-developed transport infrastructure, including local and transit roads, a railway network, and an international airport. In the immediate future there will be express roads in every direction.
  4. Largest agglomeration in Eastern Poland
    The Lublin Metropolitan Area is inhabited by more than 700,000 people. Among the city’s residents 62% are of working age, and as many as 27% hold a higher education degree.
  5. Excellent quality of life
    According to the “Report on Polish Metropolitan Cities 2015” by PwC, Lublin offers the highest quality of life in Poland.
  6. Human resources prepared for business
    Each year, 20,000 qualified specialists prepared to meet the labour market’s demands graduate from the nine higher education institutions located in Lublin. Moreover, the city’s human resources include graduates of high-class technical and vocational schools.
  7. Competitive business market
    Lublin’s economy is based on rapidly growing sectors such as: food industry, biotechnology, BPO/SSC and ICT, as well as the automotive, healthcare, logistics, academic and leisure sectors.
  8. Successful foreign investment
    Lublin boasts the presence of international enterprises whose success is based on locating their offices and factories within the city.
  9. Economic incentives for investors
    The Special Economic Zone located in Lublin offers attractive developed plots and special tax relief for investors.
  10. Extensive range of investor services
    Lublin City Hall offers the support of a professional team dedicated to providing services and assistance for investors at every stage of the investment process.

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