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15th anniversary of Employers of Lublin Region “Lewiatan” Gala

January 12, 2017 in the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures took place 15th anniversary of the Employers of Lublin Region "Lewiatan" Gala. More than 500 guests: entrepreneurs, representatives of central and local government, business institutions, NGOs and local and national media, met to summarize the 15-years activities of the organization, pride on business successes and debate on the future of the region's economy in the next five years.

The Gala was an opportunity to present case studies of economic successes of companies from Lublin and appreciate their commitment in the field of social activities. In the beginning of the anniversary meeting, Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of Lublin, awarded the members of the Employers of Lublin Region “Lewiatan” for leading the social values ​​in business. One of the leading businessmen in Lublin: Jan Kidaj (Aliplast), Robert Bronisz (ABM Greiffenberger), and Piotr Romańczuk (Lubella), whose companies can boast of rapid growth, large investments and overground impact on the economic landscape of the city and region, recounted the way of doing business prosperously. There was also mentioned the important role of the “Lewiatan” in the struggle for the key investments for the region and the City of Lublin, such as Lublin Airport, Lublin ring road and expressways to Warsaw and Rzeszów.

Despite the obvious business successes of members of the “Lewiatan” and effective activity of the organization in the field of representing employers, the Gala was in large part devoted to the future of the business by the year 2022. As a result of discussions, innovation, cooperation between science and business, development of vocational training and the continuous effort to increase the productivity were characterized as the elements that will allow Lublin Region to  catch up with the best developed areas of the European Union in the future.

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