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Aliplast – how a company from Lublin became successful internationally

Aliplast was one of the first companies to locate their business in Special Economic Zone Lublin Subzone. Consequently, for ten years, Aliplast is presented as a role model for being successful in Lublin.

Aliplast manufactures advanced aluminum systems. Established in 2002 as a member of Aliplast Group, corporation of Belgian origin, the company is founded on long experience of Lublin-based business, Tabal. What has always mattered for Aliplast was not only expansive development but also the highest possible quality of the goods being manufactured and development of new solutions to be applied in aluminum profiles. In 2007, the need for building a new, modern warehouse and production plant coincided with local government’s plans to create Subzone of Special Economic Zone in Lublin. Consequently, Aliplast was one of the first businesses to move in the Subzone and it was the first to launch production in 2009. Convenient location, conditions allowing for large scale manufacturing, access to modern production lines, press stations and painting rooms, as well as support provided by the teams of Lublin City Hall on all stages of the investment process enabled Aliplast not only to achieve a sixfold increase in sales volume in eight years’ time but also successfully expand abroad. Nowadays, Aliplast is one of the key players in Middle-Eastern Europe and Balkans. It also has sales representative offices in the USA and Cambodia.

Aliplast has proven that it is possible for a Lublin-based company to become internationally successful. Since foundation, employment in Aliplast has increased from 15 to 500 members of staff. Rapid development and favourable business-friendly environment in Lublin allows Aliplast to make new investment plans and develop within SEZ Lublin Subzone.

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