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Any specific investment locations on your radar? Focus on Lublin!

Pro Progression Foundation has just released a new “Focus on Lublin” report which presents the huge potential of the city.
Focus on Lublin

In many aspects Lublin outperforms bigger and more talked about locations in Poland and Europe. Depth of talent, growth of a modern office space market, well-developed infrastructure and a multitude of business support institutions are just some of the key assets of Lublin which build the city’s growing position in the business services sector.

Focus on Lublin in a condensed way enumerates a number of business, cultural and sporting events which contribute to the city’s image of being a great place not only to do business, but also to live. This, combined with Lublin’s top-class universities and colleges as well as cost competitiveness of specialists’ salaries, should attract the attention of prospective investors and make them focus on Lublin as the right spot for their business operations, including BPO, SSC, IT, Call Contact Centre and R&D, says the report.

You can download the report here.

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