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Economic development is founded on innovative solutions. For this reason, we care about the cooperation between businesses and academic institutions. Therefore, we organised a meeting for representatives of Lublin University of Technology and businesses based in Lublin.

Innovative solutions built on solid, knowledge-, education-, and R&D-based foundations act as the main spur for increased productivity. Furthermore, effectively and successfully applied knowledge and innovation allow for gaining the desired competitive advantage. Innovative and practical solutions affect, however, other processes taking place in the economy. Therefore, it is considerably important to ensure favourable conditions for effective cooperation between the academic milieus and businessmen, as a result of which the potential of business and science will be fully exploited.


Given the above, on 16 February 2017, members of staff of the Strategy and Investor Relations Department organised a panel discussion for the representatives of Lublin University of Technology and local production companies. The meeting was not only aimed at establishing close and regular cooperation between Lublin University of Technology and entrepreneurs from Lublin. Another purpose of the gathering was to resolve the persisting doubts about adapting university course syllabi to the needs of the labour market, employers’ expectations, as well as establishing successful cooperation in conducting R&D projects.


We hope that such meetings will result in increased cooperation between Lublin-based businesses and academic institutions. We also trust that they will result in putting forward new innovative solutions and, hence, developing the the industry in Lublin. Lubella’s innovative durum farming techniques and Ursus’ electric cars developed in collaboration with Lublin scientists prove that such cooperation relations bring substantial long-term benefits.

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