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Early Warning Europe (EWE) – European Network helping companies in distress

Early Warning Europe provides free, impartial and confidential counselling to companies in distress

Are you an entrepreneur from the SME sector?
Do you see the first signs of impending difficulties in the company? Have you found yourself in distress?
In overcoming difficult situations, you will be supported by consultants and mentors –  experienced entrepreneurs who already have more than one crisis behind them.

The program is addressed to micro, small or medium-sized entrepreneurs (SMEs) operating in Poland facing trouble, to those who due to market dynamics, the impact of various external or internal factors have lost the ability to run a business or, in the entrepreneur’s opinion, there is a risk of slowing down the company’s future development.

The consultants, mentors and restructuring advisors gathered under the Early Warning project, help entrepreneurs to go through a crisis situation, minimize the risk of failure and its consequences, jointly work out the necessary changes, identify the best solutions.

Assistance provided by consultants and mentors within the framework of the Early Warning project is free of charge and may include following stages:

Support by a Consultant whose task is to diagnose the situation of the entrepreneur, risk analysis and identification of priorities and areas for improvement. Depending on the situation, the entrepreneur may be directed to a mentor or restructuring consultancy. It is also possible to terminate the support of the entrepreneur at the stage of consultant assistance. (support by a consultant is free of charge and takes ca.10 hours).

Mentor support. In justified cases, some entrepreneurs may be directed to work with a mentor who would be willing to share their know-how and experience pro bono. Most of the entrepreneurs involved in the project have a history of experiencing difficulties when running their own companies. The mentor acts as a companion for the entrepreneurs in trouble and also guiding the troubled entrepreneurs through the process of changes (mentor support is free and lasts from 3 to 6 months).

Payable support:
Support provided by a Restructuring Advisor If the result of the diagnosis indicates the necessity of conducting restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings, the entrepreneur will be recommended cooperation with a restructuring advisor.
Attention! As part of this service, only 2 hours of support are free of charge. The costs of restructuring consultancy will be determined directly by the entrepreneur with advisor.

Benefits for business owners resulting from participating in the Early Warning project
– consultations with psychologists, financial specialists, lawyers and many other specialists who want to share their knowledge,
–  support of experienced entrepreneurs,
– diagnosing the problem and creating a solution, jointly,
– a new impetus to action

The source of funding for the Early Warning project EU grant (COSME. The EU programme for the Competitiveness of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and targeted subsidy

01.12.2017 to 30.11.2019.

Additional information:
The project is implemented by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP – Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości) and the Polish Family Businesses Foundation (Fundacja Firmy Rodzinne – FFR)

More information on joining the project and the application form can be found on the project website: and

Contact number: 664-316-709.

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