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Future of workplace design in post-pandemic reality

The new reality created by the outbreak of COVID-19 has undoubtedly affected almost every aspect of our lives, though the changes are particularly visible in the world of work. The radical collective experiment of hybrid work in the midst of a global pandemic has changed the way of perceiving a workplace from the perspective of landlords and business owners, but most importantly from the perspective of employees who have had a chance to customize their workplaces in the way they had desired for months. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they expect to return to a hybrid work environment rather than the traditional one they had left.

Even though the pandemic time has been harsh to many businesses, some of them have managed to turn their luck around and enjoy very positive changes that have come out of the situation, including office designers and furniture suppliers who have had to adapt their ideas and products to the new post-pandemic reality. Until recently, the arrangement of an office was primarily determined by the potential of given premises. Today, both modernity and the recommendations related to epidemiological safety in the workplace must be taken into account. Offices will never be the same again, which is not necessarily bad news. Thanks to the world’s largest remote working experiment, we have learned what has to be modified in traditional offices, which solutions are effective and which should be changed to ensure a friendly workplace for all. In the improved office environment, workers should have a chance to balance their well-being and productivity.

Nowy Styl, a European leader in comprehensive furniture solutions, respects these needs and addresses them with the new ideas presented in a recently refreshed and refined showroom in Lublin. After an in-depth analysis of the specificity and needs of the clients, work efficiency and work organization, as well as ergonomics and acoustics, the company has significantly changed its interior design in the CZ Office Park A complex.

The most important change involves new furniture arrangements. The design has been created in order to showcase the latest workplace solutions, including ideas for ergonomic individual workstations and communication space.

We want the Lublin showroom to become a vibrant place where we can meet with our clients and business partners. This is where our partners can explore our product portfolio, choose relevant finishes, ask our experts for targeted advice and be inspired by our solutions. – says Przemysław Bojar, Regional Manager at Nowy Styl. – The showroom is also the place where our local team works. We are the first to test the solutions, which are then presented to clients, he adds.


The main assumption behind this project was to create a functional and useful office space divided into specific zones. Although the space is not excessive, the architects have managed to arrange the meet & greet zone, creative conference space, individual workstations and a common area.

It is worth mentioning that in the Nowy Styl showroom you can find local touch – product Tilkka created by Nowy Styl specialist in collaboration with a designer duo from Lublin known as NEED STUDIO and Lucreate Foundation for Design. 

Tilkka, a line of armchairs and sofas is successfully gaining on its popularity and has already found its customers in many offices across Europe.


The above-mentioned product, as well as many others included in the company’s portfolio, can be tested in the showroom at 14 Nałęczowska Street.

The way we work is changing and so are the offices themselves. Cubicles, bench desks and oversized conference rooms with chairs that once dominated in the office environment are gradually disappearing, making way for more flexible and adaptable furniture that meets the diverse needs of employees. The return to the office is a huge opportunity for business owners to redesign the office interiors for a more productive, inspiring and safe work environment.

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