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Hampton by Hilton Lublin – a global hotel brand

The Hampton by Hilton Hotel in Lublin is an example of how the Lublin hospitality market combines tourist and business services.

Just a few years ago Lublin was confronted with the problem of the insufficient number of hotel places. They were missing during the season of the most important cultural events, and business guests had a very limited choice. We saw a need to diversify our real estate development activity; Lublin is very close to our hearts, hence the decision to invest in a hotel that would meet our business needs and commitment in the development of our hometown. We were looking for a suitable operator whose service standard would meet the needs of the most demanding guests – both tourist and business – who are increasingly present in Lublin year by year, and whose global brand would constitute an added value for the city. We decided that it would be Hilton.

Lublin has developed very well in terms of culture and business over the last few years. The presence of the first hotel of the prestigious Hilton brand in the city has a positive impact on the city’s image as a tourist destination. People coming to the city to take part in festivals such as Night of Culture or Carnaval Sztukmistrzów, or business meetings know that a stay in Lublin can be combined with accommodation in a hotel ensuring the highest standard, repeatable in every facility of the chain around the world. They can also use a restaurant serving local delicacies, and the location with a large car park in the city centre is an additional advantage for motorised guests.

The first year of the hotel’s operation proved that this investment was necessary for the city. We hosted sports teams, artists, entrepreneurs, as well as numerous conferences and events. We have many satisfied guests from Poland and abroad, but we also see the need to educate future staff, which is why we welcome interns from Lublin schools and universities who want to learn about the standards of work of the global hotel chain. We are ready for further development of the city and the tourist flows following it. Welcome to Lublin!

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