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‘I work in Lublin’

In Lublin, there are several hundred companies from various branches of industry, which in total employ nearly 18 thousand people. Many of them are still looking for employees. The City of Lublin starts with a campaign 'I work in Lublin' addressed to the residents of the city and the region. It aims to introduce the Lublin industry sector and show employment opportunities in companies from Lublin, whose rapid development in recent years has resulted from the introduction of innovative products, the construction of modern plants and international expansion.

The slogan “I work in Lublin”, which in April and May will be shown on billboards, on the buses, in press advertisements in Lublin and in the Lublin region, and also heard on the radio, is based on the actual stories of people, who found employment in line with their education in the Lublin industry. The campaign’s protagonists are currently working for modern and innovative companies in their chosen profession and gaining invaluable experience at an early stage of their professional career.

The significant development of Lublin’s industrial companies in recent years has already been noticed by the markets in which they operate and succeed in. Now, we are dealing with modern, innovative and ecological production, which distinguishes our industry, but this information does not always reach the job-seeking residents. The campaign is to show that there is work for almost everyone in the Lublin industry – says Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of Lublin.

Having a job in Lublin involves working in an environment of innovation and modern technologies, which are a tool for Lublin companies to stand out on the national and international map of the industry. That is why they are looking for such employees as Ewa Izdebska, who while studying at the Lublin University of Technology started working as a programmer of industrial robots produced in Lublin for the most prominent global companies. International expansion requires employees who speak foreign languages fluently, which makes the industry an interesting employment option also for linguists, as evidenced by the history of Mrs Patrycja Czech. On the other hand, Mr Grzegorz Sirko proves that favourable employment conditions and attractive remuneration can convince even the best specialists to visit Lublin. The last protagonist, the industrial designer Łukasz Skorupski, talks about the possibilities of learning offered by Lublin’s industry. Companies from Lublin also educate new employees, providing them with a 100% guarantee of employment in the learned profession.

We hope that the ‘I work in Lublin’ campaign will instil in the inhabitants of our city and region the belief that the Lublin industry provides opportunities for interesting work. Therefore, it is worthwhile to direct one’s education and career path towards this goal – says Krzysztof Żuk, the Mayor of Lublin.

After arduous years of transformation, Lublin’s industry was reborn in a form well adapted to today’s market requirements. Some of Lublin’s large plants with a rich history, thanks to the implemented changes, are now leaders in their industries, and several decades of experience in industrial production only strengthens their position in the market. Others, such as the Lorry Factory and the Ursus Foundry, have been replaced by more than a hundred smaller, but highly specialised and innovative, companies, which together employ almost twice as many people as their predecessors in the best years following the transformation.

The situation also changed thanks to the Lublin Subzone of the Special Economic Zone. The land located in Felin District has become an oasis of modern industry, which has attracted global players to Lublin and allowed for the more dynamic development of several domestic companies. Favourable conditions for the sector are reflected in the numbers – Lublin has reached the lowest unemployment rate in its history – 6.4% (January 2018) – and successive increases in average wages in the private sector. There are 65 companies present in the Lublin Subzone, and 37 of them use the zoning permits. At present, the SEZ in Lublin employs 4,088 people – employment has increased almost seven-fold since December 2010.

Most of the industrial sectors have been successively increasing their employment since 2010. The whole industry in Lublin employs nearly 18 thousand people, including 3.5 thousand in the food processing sector, 4 thousand in the automotive industry, over 2 thousand in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, and over 1 thousand in the metal sector.

The average salary in the industry in Lublin is PLN 5128.26 gross. This is 30% more than in 2010.

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