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Infinite IT Solutions – leading provider of business IT services (EDI, SFA, ECM)

Infinite has become one of the major EDI operators in Poland and 24 other countries. Its success was based on human resources pooled predominantly from among IT students attending Lublin universities.
nfinite IT

The company was established in 2002 by a group of IT specialists developing IT solutions since 1993. Infinite is a part of Emperia Group. Since its foundation, Infinite has become one of the major providers of IT services in Poland. One of its solutions, ‘e-Wholesale Outlet’ B2B platform, has been implemented in over one third of Polish FMCG and DIY shops. Infinite is expanding and aims at becoming the leader in EDI solutions in Europe.

The company seated in Lublin can provide its services to any part of the world. In spite of its dynamic growth and international expansion, company’s management have never considered relocating. Lublin provides favourable conditions for running and developing business. Even today, when the ICT labour market in the city has become increasingly challenging – due to actions undertaken by the team of the Investor Relations Department. Infinite’s position on the market makes it a highly competitive employer among large, multinational enterprises.

Infinite’s members of staff are predominantly graduates of Lublin universities. They are hired for their open-mindedness and willingness to work.  It is frequently due to their unconventional ideas that the company can offer increasingly vast array of services.  Therefore, Infinite gets involved in a number of student-aimed projects, e.g. ‘Start with Infinite’, which provides students with opportunities to develop in the company or get equity investment for promising startups or companies associated within Lublin IT Upland.

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