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Is your business safe online?

During the pandemic, many companies moved their businesses online and employees from offices to homes. This raises questions about security. It is extremely important to ensure the continuity of the company's operations, secure remote access to its data, and effective protection against cyberattacks.

Cybercriminals’ attacks are becoming more frequent. They are more and more bold, and they do not require high financial outlays on the part of fraudsters. According to 55% of companies in Poland surveyed by KPMG, the COVID-19 pandemic increased the risk of cyberattacks. In 2020, 64% of enterprises have experienced at least one security incident – many companies have not recorded any breaches because they do not have appropriate tools to detect them.

One step ahead of the threat

The CERT team responsible for the safety of Polish Internet users has been operating in Orange Polska for over 20 years. CERT Orange Polska collects information on threats on the Internet and their trends, and contacts many security units in Europe and around the world. Its experience and developed competences, as well as modern technologies used to ensure security, allowed for the creation of services supporting the security of companies. Being one step ahead of the threat is the motto that describes the CyberTarcza well. Every year, several million Internet users avoid infecting their computer or smartphone, and as a result, losing data or money. For larger institutions, the operator provides the CyberWatch service, informing about blocked communication to confirmed phishing sites and other detected threats. The active StopPhishing service will inform the customer about the appearance of a website impersonating customer’s brand and block access to it.

Protect and educate

Phishing is the most frequently used method of data theft by criminals. The main way to protect against such threats is to educate employees, because they remain the strongest protective shield. This will be helped by, among others, Cyber ​​Pakiet. As part of the tests, the company can play the role of attackers and confirm to what extent your employees are vulnerable to social engineering attacks.

It’s worth noting that the Orange Polska Group is not only Orange – a telecommunications operator, but also Integrated Solutions – a technological integrator specializing in designing and delivering advanced ICT services for business, BlueSoft – one of the leaders in the software and applications market, as well as Craftware – specializing in design and implementation in the CRM area. The Group combines competences in the field of telecommunications, cybersecurity, IT infrastructure and cloud with programming competences. The solutions it offers to business clients allow companies to safely undergo digital change from start to finish.

Orange Polska is one of the flagship representatives of Lublin’s business services sector which boasts Orange Polska Accounting Shared Services that was one of the first BSS centre of this kind in Lublin (established in 2006), as well as Orange Customer Service which has been providing services to its clients from Lublin since 2010. Looking at the development  and diversification of services delivered from Lublin over the years, the conclusion is that the decision to choose Lublin was the right one.

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