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Lublin Inspires Business – interview in Outsourcing&More

Lublin inspires business. These words precisely describe the attitude of the city towards business support and the development of the city's economy. By boosting the local ecosystem, supporting the business environment, as well as cluster initiatives, Lublin promotes entrepreneurship among both startups, SMEs and large entities searching for a new location for their operations. In the sector of modern business services, investors looking for a place to grow are now eyeing the untapped potential of mid-sized cities like Lublin.

How does Lublin inspire business?

What is the dynamics of the development of key industries in Lublin?

What does the modern office market in the city look like?
What support can investors count on in Lublin?

Answers to these questions and much more on the investment climate in Lublin can be found in March edition of Outsourcing&More!

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