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Lublin University of Technology – the cradle of innovation

Education is one of the most important specialised fields in Lublin. It provides workplaces for tens of thousands of people, drives consumption, develops business and, at the same time, is a city-forming element.

The role of the university is to educate students and prepare graduates to work in a competitive market, as well as to cooperate with enterprises in research and development. Due to working with local companies we are sure that our educational offer corresponds to current market needs, and that graduates wishing to stay in Lublin will find a job that matches their qualifications. Lublin business precisely indicates the desired skills of its future employees – theoretical, practical and linguistic – and helps develop these skills in our Polish and foreign students during internship programs co-organised by us.

The university also supports development of enterprises in Lublin due to partnership in the R&D area. The engagement of our teams, recognised by “the Most Innovative University in Poland in 2016” title, is directly connected with implementing innovative projects by companies operating in Lublin, especially in the advanced engineering* sector. Such results are possible due to the comfortable conditions created for research teams at the university, as well as the city’s engagement in promoting the achievements of Lublin scientists.

From the Lublin University of Science’s perspective, smooth cooperation with the City of Lublin is also very important. Thus, information on the accomplishments of the university’s employees, on joint success stories in the industry, and on the educational offer reaches a wide group of people. Additionally, we are open to expert cooperation for the further development of Lublin.

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