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Mełgiewska Logistics Centre – the symbol of how dynamically logistics in Lublin develops

Only in five years of operation, Mełgiewska Logistics Centre tripled their warehouse space and obtained access to a railway siding, as the only logistics centre in Lublin.
Mełgiewska Logistics Centre

Stanisław Pawłowski, owner of Pawtrans transport company, identified the unexplored potential of logistics in Lublin. He built an A-class warehouse – one of the first buildings of this type in the city. This is how Mełgiewska Logistics Centre was founded. The company did not have to wait long to serve its first customers interested in renting the warehouse space being offered. They were attracted not only by the convenient location of the centre, which is close to the expressway and the airport, but also by our open-minded and customer-centric approach. For example, one of the buildings was designed and built to meet the expectations and needs of its current user, an operator of spedition services. The potential of the local logistics market allowed us to expand and move to the building of a former car factory paint shop. The facility was suitable for storage and production, provided access to truck scales and a railway siding, which we are planning to use for offering transshipment services to third parties.

An excellent location at the junction of transportation routes, high quality transport infrastructure in and around the city and access to the airport make Lublin a great source of expansion opportunities for the logistics industry. This is proven not only by rapid increase in the number of warehousing and industrial facilities being available in the city but also by growing interest of prospective customers who will be able to recruit highly-qualified personnel graduating from top universities. Additionally, each investor will be provided by professional support offered by members of staff of the municipal government administration. Expansion of industrial enterprises depends on logistics services and, thus, their dynamic growth shall continue to provide expansion opportunities for logistics centres situated in Lublin.

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