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Reality Unit – IT company that is expanding beyond the visible universe

Reality Unit is a startup that is explores gaming, augmented, and virtual realities. These three words combined and separately will become Lublin's new domain with the help of Reality Unit. The company works for clients on three continents, from the UK, the Republic of South Africa and the USA. Reality Unit is willing to expand more internationally, and operate from its global headquarters in Lublin.
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Reality Unit supports companies from early-stage startups, SMEs, large entities to corporations. The bread and butter of Reality are games. The company is offers its clients a holistic approach to computer games, from research to game design, music, and programming. Reality Unit pays great attention to skills development, which is why it helps other companies and programmers upskill. The firm also explores the so-called spatial web. In this segment, the company supports clients with augmented and virtual reality experiences. AR and VR, especially nowadays with the world under the lockdown, can take our interactions to a new level. Reality Unit is continuously developing its product – AReality, which is a sales platform in AR. The product is in an MVP stage right now. In short, AReality will allow for displaying 3D models of products/services/places in augmented reality with the help of a phone camera. For instance, it is possible to see a machine, a building, or even an entire production line as if it were there. AR is helpful even in the conceptual phase, where the computer-rendered design can be shown in real-life surroundings. With the use of a smartphone or AR-glasses, you can enter a residential building that will be “delivered” in a few years from now. Augmented Reality expands the visible world by placing 3D objects that look like real ones.

The situation with the pandemic led Reality Unit a little towards their core business, namely games. Speaking of games, Reality Unit can also support businesses from the gaming industry. The company’s expertise comes from the University of Las Vegas Nevada International Gaming Institute, with which two of the company’s founders, i.e. Patryk Gałach and Piotr Zwierzyk, had a pleasure to cooperate. This is one of many answers to the question “Why Lublin?”. Patryk Gałach, CEO of Lublin GameDev, has gathered a large community around games. He has a proven record for turning Lublin’s IT talents into a workforce. The access to talents from Lublin’s universities, alumni’s versatility, and their attitude of problem solvers brought the two back to Lublin again. Among these talented graduates is the third founder of Reality Unit – Mateusz Kamiński, whose recent paper written under the supervision of Beata Konopska from the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University was published by a renowned academic publisher. It is not the first journey for Patryk Gałach and Piotr Zwierzyk from Lublin to the world. The previous one took them to Nevada, US. So far, since the start of its operations in January 2020, the company has grown by more than 200%. So, Reality Unit can easily say that everything that is good, starts in Lublin.

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