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SDS Optic – fibre optic technology in the fight against cancer

SDS Optic is a research company with a chance to revolutionize cancer diagnostics. Its innovative platform technology arouses interest in the world of science, medicine and media.
SDS Optic

SDS Optic was created as a result of the evolution of the fibre optic startup I founded in the United States in 2015. The transfer of the company to Poland two years later was possible thanks to the support of business angels from Lublin and Szczecin. Finally, we chose Lublin due to the Faculty of Chemistry of the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, where for years the works on the improvement and production of fibre optics have been in progress. From the very beginning, SDS Optic’s core business has been designing and modelling optoelectronic components. A new direction of research appeared when my wife Magdalena, a biotechnology expert, joined the company.

My experience resulting from the cooperation with NASA and my wife’s knowledge and competences acquired at Harvard University confirmed our belief that we can create an innovative, original product on the border of optoelectronics and medicine. Such is undoubtedly the inProbe device. It is a platform technology used to detect breast cancer in women. It allows for painless examination and, what is essential in diagnostics, obtaining a numerical result in real-time. The project turned out to be so innovative that it received the highest funding from NCBiR and the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 project.

SDS Optic is a team of specialists in physics, biology, engineering and medicine. Acquiring the best experts is a challenge for research companies all over the world. We try to attract the most exceptional and most promising talents among graduates and students of Lublin universities, offering them internships during which they can acquire specific, and for us valuable skills. We are also looking for highly qualified staff among those who have left Poland years ago to undertake research activities abroad. Those who hesitate are often persuaded to return to the unique atmosphere and quality of life in Lublin.

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