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Smart future with EMBIQ

EMBIQ is a technology firm that has been operating in Lublin since 2009. With its focus on developing advanced web and mobile applications, the company is committed to creating innovative digital products that enhance lives and strengthen the success of its clients. Over the past 14 years, EMBIQ has established a strong reputation in the global tech market, offering a wide range of solutions and services, from web and mobile app development to business process automation, software integration, and custom software design.

At the core of EMBIQ lies its talented and dynamic team of around 50 professionals, including frontend and backend developers, QA engineers, DevOps, but also IoT and management departments. The team operates from its Lublin office, providing comprehensive services to both Polish and international clients. With a focus on continuous growth and improvement, EMBIQ is always on the lookout for top specialists in fields such as iOS, Android, Python, Angular, and AWS.

IoT as important part of EMBIQ’s work

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items that are embedded with sensors, software, and connectivity to enable them to exchange data and communicate with each other. This technology is important for businesses as it analyses data in real-time and as a result, allows for automation of the processes, saves time, reduces costs and improves safety. With a rapid evolution of technology, the use of the IoT is becoming increasingly popular, and EMBIQ is at the forefront of this trend. The company’s team of experts is dedicated to exploring the full potential of IoT and serves clients from EU countries and North America to optimize their operations and enhance their productivity. From its headquarters in Lublin, developers work on projects such as smart locks, testing environments for clients, and ensuring high-quality products. One of their recent implementations regards smart kitchen solutions.

We are proud to see how our prototype has become a real product, globally announced and honoured with numerous awards. Furthermore, some of EMBIQ’s developers are working for international semiconductor companies having a big impact in the active noise cancelling topic. And these are just a few examples of our achievements, said Marek Skóra, Deputy CTO of EMBIQ.

EMBIQ supports growth of smart cities

Smart solutions, often connected with IoT projects are becoming increasingly popular in cities worldwide, as a way to make life easier and more efficient for residents. Solutions such as smart lighting and intelligent traffic management, use technology and data to improve quality of life, enhance safety and reduce energy consumption. EMBIQ is playing quite a crucial role in that. The company has developed an IoT testing device based on Python and Raspberry Pi for testing smart locks for a home solutions company, as well as dedicated mobile apps for smart waste management. They’ve also collaborated with a software startup to produce the initial components of their product and created an evolving app for a media streaming platform with real-time reporting and video transmission capabilities.


Expanding global reach: EMBIQ’s Presence in Austria and International Tech Events

The company has been successfully operating since 2009, which led its founders to expand its operations and open a new office in Austria.

Austria was a natural direction taken by EMBIQ. So far, we have worked with many clients from this country. Moreover, most of them are based in Graz, and we want to be closer to our partners. Thanks to our positive experience, we believe that the Austrian market will surprise us with many opportunities, claims Alexey Shabalovskiy, CEO of EMBIQ GmbH.


The objective of the newly established office in Austria is to build direct communication with clients, expand sales operations, enhance project management and customer support and most importantly provide on-site assistance. Even though EMBIQ has marked its presence on a foreign market, its headquarters remains in Lublin, which serves as a hub for the company’s developers and a place where innovative solutions are created. The fact that both countries are a part of the European Union, operating within the same economic area, facilitates seamless operation in both locations. Furthermore, with support from governmental organisations like Austria Business Agency and  Austria Wirtschaftsservice, EMBIQ’s team feels just as much at home in Graz as it does in Lublin.


Before the pandemic, the company took some steps in expanding its reach to the US market by participating in the NLab: Nevada-Lubelskie Acceleration Bridge competition. They were fortunate enough to qualify for the top 10, which allowed them to travel to Nevada. During their time in the US, they took part in two weeks of mentoring meetings, business talks, and networking events with numerous NLab project partners and the NevadaGlobal platform, co-organized with Diversify Nevada and the Polish-American Chamber of Commerce in Nevada.


The company recognizes the importance of being present at international tech events to stay informed on new technologies and establish new contacts.

The year 2022 was a big surprise for us. At the beginning of the year, we participated in CES 2022, the largest event attended by EMBIQ. We had a hundred meetings, and a few of them resulted in closed deals. Our Austrian branch played a significant role in our success, as we participated in several events in the DACH region, including Embedded World, IFA, Connect Day, and the Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz. We rounded off the year with a visit to Austin, Texas for the AI Summit & IoT World, which was a great experience. Although it’s too early to determine its impact, participating in these events and expanding our reach to new regions was a significant step forward for our business, says Agnieszka Dobek, COO of EMBIQ.

Strengthening local ties

The company also closely collaborates with the city of Lublin and local universities as a part of the Lublin IT Upland project, which promotes innovation and encourages cooperation between public authorities, academic circles and businesses, to increase the competitive standing of each of these entities. Recently the EMBIQ team received a medal from Mayor of Lublin Krzysztof Żuk for its strong contribution to the Lublin IT Upland initiative and building the city’s reputation as a regional IT hub.

As a member of the Lublin IT Upland, we have more than once participated in exciting initiatives and received support from the city. Hence, such an award for fruitful cooperation only strengthened our commitment to regional development and innovation, says Tomasz Niedziałek, Co-Founder and CEO of EMBIQ.



Over the past few years, we have seen significant advances in data processing technologies and building algorithms based on substantial data sets. We are already familiar with tools that allow us to create images from simple commands, write articles, and even books using AI/ML technologies. In 2023 we will already be commercially using tools that produce programming code without coding it manually. This no-code approach will significantly enhance the progress and quality of digital solutions. Thus, the big plan for 2023 is to expand our services further and bring new projects to our Lublin tech branch, asserts Bartłomiej Kaczor, CTO of EMBIQ.


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