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Sollers Consulting – Lublin is no different from larger cities

Sollers Consulting sees that the primary barrier to growth in the IT services market is the ability to build a team. Lublin provides this opportunity, at the same time ensuring the dynamics of development comparable to Warsaw.

Sollers Consulting was established in 2000 in Warsaw. Its key areas of expertise cover business consulting and integration of IT systems mainly for the financial sector, in particular in the insurance industry. The company offers its clients the implementation of core and digital systems to support contacts with the client. Currently, Sollers Consulting has four offices: in Warsaw, Lublin, Poznań and Cologne, Germany, and at the same time, it serves customers all over the world. Apart from Poland, its clients come from German-speaking countries, Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, the United States and Brazil.

When the need for more dynamic development appeared in 2012, we conducted detailed business analyses of the potential of locations of the new office. We checked, among others, the availability of IT graduates, IT specialists, the quality of university education and  connections with Warsaw and Europe. Based on that, we decided to go to Lublin, and we are satisfied with this decision. We have built a team of over a hundred people here, and thanks to the brand new office space we can double our staff in the coming years.

Lublin is a place where an IT company can grow dynamically. Universities focus on IT, and the rapidly developing city offers a high quality of life. Public investments make young residents want to stay in Lublin, and many decide to return to the city from abroad (e.g. from Ireland) or relocate. Our employees appreciate shorter commutes to work, greater opportunities in the real estate market in comparison with other cities. Thanks to that we are sure of our further development in this city.

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