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“Students-Science-Economy” Forum

On 2.03.2017 in the Centre of Innovation and Advanced Technology at Lublin University of Technology, the first “Students-Science-Economy” Forum was organised. The purpose of the conference was to create common ground for integrating these three milieus in Lublin.
Students-Science-Economy” Forum

Panel discussion, “Customised employee: how to train an ideal candidate?” was hosted by deputy head of the Strategy and Investor Relations Department, Łukasz Goś. During the debate, an important matter of adapting syllabi to the needs of the job market was discussed. Conference participants characterised qualifications an ideal candidate for industrial jobs should hold. The panel discussion was intentionally divided into four modules, each covering a different issue. Cooperation between universities, local government bodies and business support groups is supposed to result in real benefits, i.e. well-educated graduates whose knowledge meets the needs of industrial companies. Consequently, innovative solutions they find and business activities they develop will result in the entire industry in Lublin being expanded and the quality of life in the city considerably improved.

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