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The 9th edition of Lublin Mayor’s Economic Award

Medi Sept, GT85 Polska, Woodinspector, Infinum 3D, Sii, Orange Polska Group, eLeader, Aliplast, Mastermedia and Lubelska Fundacja Rozwoju (Lublin Development Foundation) are the winners of Lublin Mayor's Economic Award competition.
Winners of Lublin Mayor's Economic Award

The prizes were awarded on the Ninth Business Gala (28.10) taking place in Lublin Castle and crowning the competition participated by a considerable number of Lublin businessmen. This year, the gala was opened by professor Robert Gwiazdowski,  expert in Adam Smith Centre, barrister, and business reviewer.  Professor Gwiazdowski emphasised recent achievements of the City of Lublin and compared them to development of the entire region.

– Lublin has transformed profoundly in the last few years. Global economy is driven by small and medium enterprises, which are frequently dependent on local and regional institutions. The primary aim of the latter ones should be to provide favourable opportunities for development.  What we can observe in Lublin is a rapid social and infrastructural development which would not take place if not for nearly forty-four thousand businessmen making tremendous effort aimed at shaping the economic landscape of the entire region. It is their innovation, flexibility and adaptability to changes that stimulate the development of the national economy. Modern business and entrepreneurship require considerable knowledge and good decision-making skills. Changes to the external environment provided creative citizens willing to take risks with new opportunities. The recent visit paid to Lublin by professor Charles Landry confirms that representatives of the City of Lublin aim at providing companies with favourable conditions for business development. They understand that success can be achieved only when an entrepreneur takes risk and is not afraid of failures – said professor Robert Gwiazdowski.

For the first time, Lublin Mayor’s Economic Award was given in 2008. It is a highly prestigious and merit award. This year, the main awards were received by representatives of the businesses run in the following categories:

  • INNOVATION: Medi Sept Sp. z o.o. and GT85 Polska Sp. z o.o. (honourable mentions)
  • GLOBAL MARKETING STRATEGY Mastermedia Cioczek i Wójcik (main award), ELeader and Aliplast (honourable mentions)
  • YOUNG COMPANIES: Woodinspector, Infinium 3D Sp. z o.o. (honourable mentions)
  • LARGE COMPANIES DRIVING THE CITY’S ECONOMY: Orange Polska Group (main award) and SII (honourable mention)
  • SPECIAL AWARD: Lubelska Fundacja Rozwoju (Lublin Development Foundation)

Members of the jury represent businesses, academia, media, and local government. Traditionally, in the event, representatives of the Municipal Job Centre hand out Best Employer Awards and representatives of the Municipal Government Administration of the City of Lublin award honourable mentions to authors of the most innovative academic theses on Lublin’s development.

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