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The First Year of

Exactly a year ago along with the implementation of a modern, fully digital communication system, ​we entered into the age of promotion of Lublin investment offer. It is high time to assess the first results of this innovative tool.
Invest in Lublin project

The cornerstone of all activities undertaken as part of cooperation with investors, both these just considering locating their business in Lublin, as well as these already present in the City, is a direct contact and building a relation based on partnership between the entrepreneurs and the City Administration. Providing help and information is the added value that can be offered by us apart from objective factors such as availability of an adequate building plot, office space, skilled workers or investment incentives.  Internet allows to overcome geographical and time limitations that otherwise could render impossible the contact with our partners. That is why, following the example of leaders such as: Barcelona, Manchester, Copenhagen and Polish Wrocław, we decided to create a tool which would help us to disseminate on a broader scope, so useful from business point of view, information on Lublin economic potential. is not only a fully responsive website, but also the whole system of reciprocally incorporated tools like social media websites LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as video and file hosting platforms (YouTubeSlideShare). This instrument enables municipal employees that are in charge of investor relations to build business networks with entrepreneurs, , analysts, advisers, representatives of business environment institutions and to provide them with interesting and useful information in the form of reports, iconographies, success stories of companies from Lublin and with local economic news.  This means that we are able to build an attractive business narration about Lublin in a coordinated and  systematic way.

After the year, the first results of implementation of may be observed. Despite the fact that the new tool was not widely promoted, the website itself was visited by almost 5,000 users from 92 states. The majority of them accessed it from such countries as Poland, USA, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, India, Austria, Ukraine, Holland or China. Entrepreneurs acclaimed an opportunity to present success stories of their companies and to simultaneously confirm Lublin’s status of           a business-friendly place. What also proved to be very helpful was the map of available investment plots and buildings offering modern office space that allowed the companies to find on their own premises that would be perfect to locate a business. Moreover, our activity in LinkedIn network turned out to be   a huge success. Over the course of a year we joined the group of Polish cities that are most frequently followed by the users and information published on our business profile was viewed almost 220 thousand times. Probably twice as many views were generated by information published on private profiles of team members whose business contact networks significantly enlarged, which has lead to strengthening relations based on partnership.

I hope that the city’s activity on in the years to come will be equally productive and will contribute to constant dynamic growth of Lublin’s economy. Finally, I warmly invite you to follow our profile on LinkedIn.

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