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The Lublin Edmund Prost’s Science Prize awarded

The scientific and academic world of Lublin is known for its wide variety of different disciplines and examined topics. It has been a role model of working for the balanced development of the city and its society for years. The 2017 Lublin Edmund Prost’s Science Prize laureates and their various fields of academic interests clearly confirm this statement. This time the jury decided to award a philosopher as well as a research team of agricultural chemistry experts and a electrotechnology specialist.
The Lublin Edmund Prost’s Science Prize awarded

The annual Lublin Edmund Prost’s Science Prize was awarded for the 16th time this year. According to the tradition, the laureates are officially honoured during the New Year’s meeting of the Lublin Scientific Society. Rev. Prof. Marcin Tkaczyk from the Department of Logic at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin was announced the winner of the main prize for his book „Futura contingentia”. Additionally, the prize jury decided to honour the research group from the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry at the University of Life Sciences. The group has published the work „The soil acidification and liming” with Prof. Tadeusz Filipek as a head of the researchers’ team. The honorary title for his merits for the Lublin’s academia was handed to Prof. Tadeusz Janowski – a creator of the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnology at the Lublin University of Technology.

The outstanding achievements of Lublin scientists – from life sciences to humanities – would not be this important just existing for themselves. The head of Lublin Scientific Society and in the same time the supervisor of the Lublin Scientific Prize, Prof. Artur Korobowicz, emphasized explicitly the importance of the close cooperation of Lublin’s academics with the municipality authorities as well as with various local business subjects. The educational industry is the crucial foundation for the Lublin’s economics, generating up to 18% of the city’s GDP. A modern and fast-growing academic center of Lublin creates the interdisciplinary-research-friendly ambience. The innovative conceptions and smart solutions achieved this way are being successfully introduced by the local institutions and companies.

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