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VentureDevs – a venture development firm

VentureDevs designs and develops digital products, builds and augments tech teams, invests in startups, and consults for companies of all sizes.

VentureDevs is an American-Polish IT company that provides technical solutions to high growth companies. We support businesses ranging from early-stage startups to corporations and billion-dollar valued companies (Unicorns). While most of our clients are located in the United States, we are present all over the world – with past and present clients ranging from Europe to Australia and China. The VentureDevs mission is to use our unique blend of technology and business expertise to help companies reach their growth goals. We do this by advising on strategy and designing, developing digital products such as websites, mobile apps and desktop apps.

We have six offices total across the USA and Poland, with Lublin as our fourth global – and second Polish – branch. Opening up in Lublin was not an accidental choice. Lublin is the hometown of Wojciech Sobczuk, my business partner and co-founder of VentureDevs. Wojtek noticed how much the city has developed in recent years and how strong of an investment potential it has. Broad access to IT talent and the possibility to cooperate with local universities are amongst the most intriguing aspects of the city. We also appreciate how much the local government supports entrepreneurs – something core to the VentureDevs values as well.

We opened the Lublin office in March of 2018. Since its launch our team has grown to over 40 IT specialists, prompting us to expand our office space to another floor in the building. The office is situated right downtown, which makes us really feel like a part of the city. Plus, the addition of our logo on the building means you can’t miss us when you’re in the city center! We plan to continue growing and as we do so diversifying our offer and exploring other opportunities provided to us because of our close relationship with local universities and the Lublin IT Upland. A special thanks to both for their collaboration as we work to bring more opportunities in tech to Lublin!

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