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We are creating the ‘Lublin Automotive and Machinery Upland’ Cluster

On November 9th, 2017, a meeting of the founders of the 'Lublin Automotive and Machinery Upland Foundation' took place in the City Hall. During the meeting, the founding act of this new initiative was signed. The foundation is funded by 18 entities, including three higher education institutions and 12 enterprises operating in Lublin and Lubelskie voivodship in the automotive, machinery and metal industries.

The Foundation’s objectives are:

  1. Creation of cooperation networks and building permanent horizontal links in the area of automotive and engineering industry in order to efficiently exploit the existing opportunities for development of the industry through the exchange of knowledge, experience, and development of regional cooperation links.
  2. Integration of enterprises operating in the automotive and machinery industry with the research and development institutions.
  3. Stimulating the development of new technologies and analytical and research facilities for the automotive and machinery industry, and supporting the transfer of new technical and technological solutions to production processes.
  4. Increasing the level of competitiveness of companies operating in the automotive and machinery industry, and supporting their activities on international markets.
  5. Educational activity and development of educational and training facilities in the scope of preparing highly qualified staff for the needs of automotive and machinery industry by supporting the creation of pro-innovative fields of study and methods of education.
  6. Implementation of regional, national or international projects aimed at developing and increasing innovativeness of entities operating in the automotive and machinery industry, as well as among entities providing services for them.
  7. Promotion of Lublin and Lubelskie Voivodeship, as well as the automotive and machinery industry as a highly innovative environment supporting the development of entrepreneurship and modern economy in the city and region.

When the process of registration of the Foundation in the National Court Register is over, the ‘Lublin Automotive and Machinery Upland’ Cluster will be established. It will be coordinated by the Foundation and will have a supra-regional character.

The creation of the ‘Lublin Automotive and Machinery Upland Foundation’ is the next element of establishing ‘Lublin Automotive & Machinery Upland’ ecosystem, that will increase the competitiveness of Lublin industry. The first was signing the trilateral agreement between The City of Lublin, URSUS S.A., and TUM International GmbH representing the Technical University of Munich in July 2017 to create Smart Industry Centre – integrated industrial park in the area of about 140 hectares in the Tatary District of Lublin, which will help the city lure both domestic and foreign investors representing the key sectors of the local economy and create common ground for cooperation with local suppliers.

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