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We work to support the economy of Lublin

The Investor Relations Managers team's activities combine attracting investments into the city, full business support during and after the investment process, and also daily support for the development of the economy of Lublin under various initiatives. Examples of the latter are two recent meetings organised by our team.

On April 26, 2017, a meeting took place, attended by the representatives of the Municipal Labour Office in Lublin, the Lublin Agency for Enterprise Support and many local companies from the industry and services sectors. Its purpose was to discuss issues related to the organisation of internships financed by the Labour Office, the rules for granting forms of support for entrepreneurs employing the unemployed, planned changes to the regulations on employment of foreigners and the rules for applying for funds from the National Training Fund. During the meeting, the current offer for companies of the Lublin Agency for Enterprise Support was presented. The use of the labour market development and activation of the unemployed instruments stimulates the development of entrepreneurship and the creation of new jobs, which has positive effects both in the social and economic aspects.

The second meeting was devoted to the “To harness the potential of the Lubelskie Voivodeship” organised on May 11, 2017, in cooperation with CBRE, the largest real estate consultancy company. The meeting was aimed at people responsible for investor relations in the Lublin Region. Real estate market experts conducted a training concerning the most important aspects and trends on the property market and shared their experience in the scope of servicing strategic investment inquiries in the context of promoting the regional potential of the Lubelskie Voivodship.

We are confident that this kind of knowledge sharing and exchange of experience initiatives will be beneficial for the further development of our city and the region.

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