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ZPZ “LUBLIN” – living history of Lublin industry

One of the oldest still operating Lublin industrial plants is currently experiencing its second youth, supplying premium potato intermediate products to the market.

Zakłady Przemysłu Ziemniaczanego (ZPZ, Potato Industry Plant) “LUBLIN” is a living industrial history of Lublin. The company started its activity in 1909 and since then have constantly supplied food manufacturers with the highest quality intermediate potato products. At present, the Lublin plant specialises in potato grits, which is the leading Polish producer; potato flakes whose quality is valued both by Polish and foreign recipients; as well as glucose syrup obtained from potato starch, which is the only producer in the country. This syrup is a unique product, completely safe for people with allergies and gluten intolerance.

Lublin, as the capital of the agricultural region, is an ideal place to do business in the food processing sector. Thanks to this excellent location, ZPZ can cooperate on a partnership basis with potato growers from the region, and thus take a rigorous care of the quality of the raw material that goes into production. The company, after the difficulties of transition in the food market, has put a high premium on quality and now supplies only the finest products to the market. The openness of the City of Lublin to prop up all actions supporting the locally operating industry is also particularly important concerning further ZPZ plant development planning and future investments.

The current situation of ZPZ, the satisfaction of contractors with the quality of products offered by the company and the development opportunities in Lublin allow us to look forward to the future with optimism and continue to write the history of this company well-deserved to the city.

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