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7. Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress

This year's 7th edition of the Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress will be devoted to building of lasting relations within the regional cooperation of Central and Eastern European countries in the context of the hundred-year tradition of independence, liberty and civil rights.

In 2018 Poland is celebrating 100th anniversary of regaining its independence. The memory of the emerging new international order and the restoration of states’ recognition constitutes an excellent opportunity to discuss the future of contemporary Europe, its identity, the challenges to be faced, and the need for deeper integration and cooperation.

Panels devoted to regional partnerships, transnational and regional cooperation will be also an important element of the discussion.

This year’s Congress will moreover include important issues related to science and education, heritage and reconciliation as well as local democracy, which is of great importance for the still-reforming Ukraine. What is more, the panels devoted to tourism, innovation, mobility and broadly understood equality promise to be very interesting.

The debates will focus on indicating how many areas of regional cooperation with neighbouring Eastern Partnership countries exist across the EU and how to efficiently build agreements and lasting partner relations on many levels.

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