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Cities 2050

The 'Cities 2050' Conference aims to present solutions from Poland and Europe that have allowed cities to enter a higher level of sustainable development, becoming modern and close to residents, open to their diversity. The conference will take place in Lublin Conference Centre on March 20, 2018, and participation is free of charge.
Cities 2050

Conference Cities 2050 will bring together experts in such areas as foresight for cities, co-production, co-management, technological and social tools, and it is addressed to representatives of Polish cities: civic sector institutions, local administrative institutions, as well as to academic mediums, non-governmental organisations and business owners. The purpose of this event is not to summarize the achievements of Polish cities, but to look ahead in the search for bold solutions that will allow us to build the city of tomorrow by providing the highest quality practical knowledge and examples of solutions that allow building modern and attractive cities regardless of their size. Speakers from Poland and Europe will present solutions that already change the way we think about the city, technologies, its resources and potential. The conference will be a multi-dimensional experience opening the opportunity to learn about technological and social innovations that improve the quality of life of residents and generate savings for local governments and are an inspiration for non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs and universities ready to co-create their cities.

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