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IIS Conference 2.0

We are pleased to invite you to attend the conference 'Integrating international students: perspectives from cities, civil society and academia 2.0' which concerns integration of international students.
IIS Conference 2.0

We would be delighted to see you on conference on various aspects of international students integration organized by the team of the Department of Strategy and Investor Relations in the City of Lublin in close cooperation with Lublin universities and non-government organizations dealing with international students. The main themes of the conference include development of support systems for international students as well as development of institutional and cultural infrastructure and policies for international education.

Lublin is also home to over 65,000 students, 10% of them coming from abroad. Higher education institutions located in Lublin include five internationally recognized public universities and four private university colleges. Representatives of the City of Lublin have included internationalization of higher education in its strategy and has actively encouraged international students to Study in Lublin. Lublin has therefore focused on creating optimal environment for international student.

On the conference, you will not only explore matters pertaining to benefits and experiences resulting from the presence of international students in the city but you will also discuss various aspects of cooperation between municipal institutions, universities, business communities, and NGOs in the area of integration. We hope that our conference will help you to develop new strategies for success in academic internationalization and developing cooperation of international education networks. Furthermore, you will be provided with an excellent opportunity to join workshops on different international education skills as well as you will have a chance to listen to speeches delivered by outstanding experts and practitioners of international education. This will be followed by a discussion panels in which you are welcome to participate.The conference will be also an opportunity to discuss, share best practices, and network within international education community.

The conference will be of interest to a wide spectrum of international education professionals. We are excited to invite members of faculties and staff from all types of higher education institutions, representatives of international students’ services (international programs coordinators, foreign students offices, recruitment offices and other organizations providing assistance to foreign students), teams of marketing departments at universities, non-government organizations supporting international visitors, international students studying in Poland and their organizations, representatives of public administration bodies involved in shaping educational policies and members of the public administration bodies dealing with integration of international students.

Our partner universities in Lublin welcome all partners willing to talk about cooperation opportunities.

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