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Support for R&D activities of IT companies

Investor Relations Office, Lublin IT Upland and KPMG have pleasure to invite representatives of IT companies for a free training on opportunities to obtain support for R&D activities.

In Poland, IT is a leading sector in terms of innovativeness. Polish specialists in this field develop and deliver modern solutions to many different countries worldwide. Solutions within the broadly understood IT sector (both software and hardware) are an indispensable part of products and processes in other industries, e.g. medical, automotive, chemical or aviation. A lot of support instruments have been established to facilitate the growth of the IT sector, including relieves and grants which help IT companies significantly reduce operating costs and develop improved solutions.

Such incentives include:

  • Co-financing of engineers’ and developers’ salaries
  • Tax relief for the development of software and hardware
  • Reduced tax rate of 5% of CIT/PIT for the income from the sale of software/license (IP Box)
  • Grants and tax breaks for setting up and expanding IT centres

The training will be led by:

  • Kiejstut Żagun – Director at KPMG, Head of Innovation & Grants
  • Marcin Mańkowski – Manager at KPMG, Innovation & Grants, responsible for IT sector


11:00 Welcome and opening – Łukasz Goś, Head of Investor Relations Office, Lublin City Hall

11:10 Possibilities of support under the Lublin IT Upland project – Oliwia Wójtowicz, Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Lublin City Hall

11:20 Principles of obtaining tax relief for R&D activities

  • How to define R&D works in IT sector?
  • Eligible costs
  • Formalities
  • Documentation obligations
  • Exclusions
  • Application examples

Innovation Box

  • For whom?
  • For what? Intellectual property rights (including the rights to a computer program)
  • Calculations – income, tax base, Nexus indicator
  • Record and documentation obligations
  • How to use IP Box – procedure

50% rate of tax deductible expenses – higher salaries for R&D staff and developers

Grants for R&D projects

  • Sources of support
  • Co-financing levels
  • Selection criteria
  • Examples of projects

Polish Investment Zone

12:30 Workshop, Q&A session – case studies, possibility to discuss specific cases and issues

The event will be held in Polish. To participate, please register at .

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