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New player in town. Steel and Casting Services enters Lublin market

Steel and Casting Services Ltd. is part of the GMH Group, one of the largest private metalworking groups in Europe, with its central base in Germany. On Thursday, September 14, 2023, a ceremonial inauguration of Steel and Casting Services Ltd. took place in Lublin. The company's headquarters is located at 76A Mełgiewska Street, where production began in March 2023 with approximately 30 employees. In the future, Steel and Casting Services will expand its production capabilities to include the mechanical processing of components, along with an increase in space and the number of employees.

A large part of GMH Group’s customers are companies from the mechanical engineering, energy engineering, railway technology, automotive technology, or construction industry. The castings processed in the Lublin factory are used, among others, in the petrochemical industry.

We are part of a group that is one of the fastest-growing in the industry. This is a result of the openness, experience, and professionalism that we represent. We have a harmonious and professional team, including many employees with years of experience in metalworking. We chose Lublin because it is a location that offers enormous development opportunities. It is a friendly and open city with many communication routes connecting it to the world. We see our future tied to Lublin, and we hope that the success of Steel and Casting Services will contribute to the city’s development, says Paweł Król, Plant Director.

The company follows the latest trends in the market, optimizing internal processes to make them environmentally friendly. It promotes steel production with minimal energy consumption and maximum energy efficiency, as well as reduces the consumption of primary raw materials.

The company’s business profile aligns perfectly with the industrial character of the Lublin district of Hajdów-Zadębie. The decision by the German GMH Group to establish a production plant for Steel & Casting Services in Lublin confirms that we are an attractive place for doing business. It is particularly pleasing that the choice of our city was influenced, among other things, by its dynamic development and openness, says Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of the City of Lublin.

The work culture at Steel and Casting Services is built on three fundamental values that are an integral part of its daily operations: promoting health and professional satisfaction, which is created by providing future-oriented jobs, ensuring equal treatment for all employees and promoting personal development, and demonstrating social responsibility through care for the natural environment.

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