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Biomaxima to expand its production facility in the Lublin Subzone

In December, the company informed about its investment plans in connection with the existing production facility at Vetterów Street in Lublin. Based on investments to date and the growing demand for diagnostic products relating to SARS-CoV-2, Biomaxima will purchase an adjacent plot of land for further development of its plant.

Biomaxima is a Lublin-based company operating in the laboratory diagnostics market manufacturing microbiological substrates and a wide range of reagents and equipment for in-vitro diagnostics. The company also distributes the products of world-renowned diagnostics companies like Accelerate Diagnostics, Nova Biomedical, Mitsubishi Chemical or Biolog. It supplies its products to over 2,000 laboratories in Poland and exports to over 60 countries.

In 2009, Biomaxima selected the Lublin Subzone of the Special Economic Zone Euro-Park Mielec as a  location for its production facility, and the largest expansion so far took place in 2017. As a result of the company’s growth and the investments made, further expansion of the production facility on the plot where the company’s production plant is located would be impossible or very expensive. Therefore, the company decided to purchase an adjacent plot of land of 4,000 sqm to secure the space for further expansion. The plot is currently being developed with a single-storey production building with a social and office area of 1043.9 sqm. As part of the agreement, Biomaxima agreed to lease part of the property to the seller until the end of 2021 to support the seller’s business activities.

In a press release, Biomaxima also informed about its investment objectives relating to this project:

  • The new production infrastructure will be used to ensure the manufacturing capacity for the production of drug susceptibility testing, following a development project that the company aims to complete in December 2021.
  • The new building will also house the production of molecular diagnostics, such as PCR genetic testing, where the company plans to significantly expand its product range – besides clinical applications (such as respiratory, gastrointestinal and genital infections) also for the food and cosmetics industries.
  • The new production space will also feature the current production of immunochromatographic rapid tests in order to further expand this segment of the market.
  • As a result of the reorganisation of the production area once the investment is completed, the production capacity for microbiological substrates will also be substantially increased.

Source: Current report no. 51/2020 of Biomaxima S.A.

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