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Capgemini celebrates 5 years in Lublin with 50 IT job openings

Celebrating its fifth anniversary in Lublin, Capgemini, a key player in the consulting and technology sector, has announced ambitious plans for team expansion. The Lublin office, quickly establishing itself as a vital part of Capgemini's global network, currently employs nearly 200 people. The company is now gearing up to hire an additional 50 IT support specialists who will be tasked with working in IT infrastructure and providing support to international clients.

The Lublin office offers a wide range of services, including IT infrastructure support and transformation, ITIL process management, hosting, service desk operations, as well as technical support and IT infrastructure management for clients in Germany, France, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Brazil. While most teams in Lublin are dedicated to specific clients, there’s also a Multi-Client Multi-Language (MCML) department that serves diverse clients

We take pride in our growth in Lublin and recognize the immense potential here. In our branch, we prioritize hiring individuals with diverse experiences while also emphasizing proficiency in foreign languages and a keenness for learning. Joining our team presents an opportunity for individuals at the outset of their professional journey to gain experience and enhance their skills in an international company. Our investment in the local IT job market underscores Lublin’s evolving role as a crucial technological centre in Poland, states Michael Żółtowski, Head of Delivery Center Lublin at Capgemini.

An interesting aspect of Capgemini’s activities in Lublin is its involvement in the local academic environment. The company collaborates with UMCS, regularly organizing lectures and workshops as part of the “Business Passports” and “Career and Me” series. Additionally, sessions for students of German and French philology are planned for the upcoming semester to prepare them for the business environment.

Dr. Mariusz Sagan, Head of the Strategy and Investor Relations Department at the Lublin City Hall, representing the Lublin IT Upland initiative, emphasizes the importance of collaboration between the educational and business sectors.

Lublin, with its dynamically developing academic environment and consequent rich pool of human capital and talents, is an ideal hub for the development of ICT sector activities and modern business services. Collaborating with the academic environment and fostering connections between education and business not only creates new opportunities for young professionals but also strives for continuous development and innovation in Lublin’s priority industries. We are pleased to witness the dynamic growth of Capgemini’s Lublin branch and express our ongoing support for the company’s collaboration with the academic environment. We recognize the significant potential for the continued development of the Lubelska Wyżyna IT ecosystem, shaping a modern technological sector in our city, remarks Dr. Mariusz Sagan, Head of the Strategy and Investor Relations Department at the Lublin City Hall.


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