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European funding for your business!

Investors that are already present on the Polish market, or consider entering it, can count not only on direct support from local governments, various forms of incentives they provide, or tax reliefs within the Polish Investment Zone, but also on significant financial resources via European Funds. Since 2004, Poland as a member country has been able to remarkably benefit from the EU financial support. Between 2007 and 2013 our country received over EUR 67 billion from the EU’s budget, meanwhile in the most recent financial perspective (2014-2020), EUR 105.8 billion.
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There is no doubt that the EU contributes significantly to the Polish economy. The launch of individual programmes allows for development in areas of research, innovation, environment and digitalization and provides support for companies in the development of their businesses.

Projects implemented with the support from programmes financed within the financial perspective (2014-2020) are about to end, while at the same time work is carried out on support instruments financed from 2021 to 2027. Poland will have around EUR 76 billion at its disposal (EUR 72.2 billion from the cohesion policy and EUR 3.8 billion from the Just Transition Fund), thus being one of the biggest beneficiaries of the European Union, along with Greece and Italy. What are the priorities of the financial perspective 2021-2027, and where will the funds be invested?

The focus of the upcoming seven-year financial perspective is set on environment protection, development of infrastructure, increasing human capital, and digitalization. Just like in the previous EU financial perspective (2014-2020), in the new one, approximately 60 % of funds from the cohesion policy will go to programmes carried out at the national level, while 40 % will be allocated to 16 regional programmes, managed by province governments. Lubelskie is one of the biggest beneficiaries in Poland and will receive a total value of EUR 2.27 billion.

The financial perspective 2021-2027 is focused on five objectives:

  1.  A smarter Europe – innovative and smart industrial transformation;
  2.  A low carbon and greener Europe – clean and fair energy transition, green and blue investment, circular economy, climate adaptation and risk prevention;
  3.  A more connected Europe – mobility and regional information and communications technology connectivity;
  4.  A more social Europe – implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights;
  5.  A Europe closer to citizens by fostering the sustainable and integrated development of urban, rural and coastal areas and local initiatives.

There is also an additional aim:

Supporting regions and citizens to mitigate social, economic and environmental impacts of the transition towards a climate-neutral economy.

The above-mentioned objectives will be implemented through 26 national and 16 regional programmes.



From the perspective of our region, the most crucial national programme concerns support for Eastern Poland (FEPW). It aims to strengthen the competitiveness of the macroregion and improve the quality of life in the Eastern part of the country. Thanks to it, EUR 2.5 billion will be granted for Lubelskie, Podlaskie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Podkarpackie, Świętokrzyskie voivodships, and for the first time Mazowieckie excluding the city of Warsaw and adjacent districts.

The grants are a great opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises, innovative start-ups, as well as companies from the tourism and energy sectors.


The programme intended for Eastern Poland macroregion will not be the only one from which Lubelskie voivodship will benefit. Apart from the funds available from the regional programmes from which Lubelskie will receive a total value of EUR 2.08 billion (including EU support of 85% – EUR 1.768 billion and the national contribution of EUR 504.4 million), our region is one of six voivodships (together with the Dolnośląskie, Łódzkie, Małopolskie, Śląskie and Wielkopolskie voivodships), which will be granted financial support within Just Transition Fund. It will amount to EUR 248 million. The programme aims to mitigate the effects of the transition to a climate-neutral economy in the most affected territories and help people adapt to the changing labour market. Support will be provided for, among other things:

  • manufacturing investments in small and medium-sized companies
  • job-search assistance
  • environmental rehabilitation
  • upskilling and reskilling opportunities for workers
  • the creation of a new firm
  • investments in fighting energy poverty

Undoubtedly the possibilities of financial support provided to investors and entrepreneurs within Financial Perspective 2021-2027 are very wide. We encourage all companies that are already present on the Lublin market or those who consider starting a business in our city to carefully analyse which of their activities may be eligible for support under specific programmes.

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