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Highlights from Check IT Conference 2024. #AI Drawed Crowds.

The first day of the 9th edition of the Check IT conference, held on March 5th, has drawn to a close. Once again, Check IT attracted participants from Lublin and across Poland, solidifying its status as one of the most significant free IT events for young technology enthusiasts. The day, themed "Inspiring Passion for IT," was packed with a diverse array of lectures and workshops tailored to students who are soon to make decisions about their future careers. The event was enhanced by the presence of artificial intelligence, which took on the role of the host and guided the proceedings.

Through organizing the Check IT conference, we aim to provide young people with the opportunity to explore the various career paths offered by the IT industry in Lublin. We hope that the knowledge gained during the event will empower them to make informed decisions about their choice of study programs and inspire them to further develop their skills in computer science and new technologies. This will better equip them for future professional challenges and enable them to harness the full potential of technological advancement, says Dr Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of Lublin.

Check IT is organized cyclically by the City of Lublin in close collaboration with universities, scientific circles, and IT industry professionals as part of the Lublin IT Highlands initiative. This year’s edition of Check IT was supported by 70 speakers, over 50 partners, and nearly 80 volunteers – students from Lublin universities. The event generated significant interest among students and teachers from primary and secondary schools nationwide, with over 2,000 attendees.

We have been supporting the Check IT conference for some time now. Therefore, we extend our gratitude to the Lublin IT Highlands for their trust and repeated invitation for DataArt to be a partner. It is a pleasure to be part of an event that fosters interest in new technologies among young minds,” says Julia Diatczyk, President of the Board of DataArt Poland. “The conference provides a great opportunity not only for young people but also for companies like DataArt. For us, Check IT is a chance to build a robust local technological community and shape the future of the entire industry, she adds.

The central theme of this year’s conference was artificial intelligence, which generated significant interest among participants. The event not only introduced attendees to AI tools that support professionals in the IT industry and everyday life but also sparked discussions about the future of the IT industry driven by AI development.

The advancement of AI has a profound impact on the IT industry and shapes the future of its workforce. The automation of routine tasks, the development of new technologies, and the growing importance of data demand that IT professionals acquire new competencies. To meet the demands of this new reality, future IT industry workers must be prepared for continuous development and the acquisition of new skills. In addition to specialized technical knowledge, soft skills such as communication, critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to think outside the box, which are essential for working with new technologies, will become increasingly important, says Mateusz Kozłowski, Founder of the Non-Public IT Technical High School Techni Schools.

Experts from the Lublin IT ecosystem provided young people with a wealth of knowledge in various IT fields, including game development, robotics, programming, modelling, and cybersecurity. The event offered participants numerous attractions related to new technologies and provided inspiration and opportunities to explore educational and professional offerings in computer science and other specializations that utilize new technologies.


At PKO Bank Polski, we leverage artificial intelligence in operations, among other areas. Our goal is to create tangible value for the customer, employee, and the entire organization. We are adopting increasingly advanced tools and technologies. We are transforming the way we work and carry out tasks at individual positions towards digital solutions that streamline daily duties. However, we also complement these with soft skills necessary for agile and effective operations. We emphasize teamwork, information comprehension and creation, entrepreneurship, and language competencies. This approach is made possible by our employees, who understand the processes, utilize technology, and strive for continuous development. This enhances our operational efficiency, reduces costs, and enables us to build an organization capable of further growth, says Agnieszka Wrońska, Director of the Service Transformation Department at PKO Bank Polski.

For those unable to attend today’s event, we have good news – recordings of all lectures from the auditorium are available on the Gospodarczy Lublin YouTube channel. Furthermore, on March 6th, there will be a continuation of the exploration of new technologies through online lectures. Additionally, until March 22nd, students can take advantage of a rich array of accompanying events taking place at the premises of IT companies in Lublin, universities, and interested schools.

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