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HR challenges facing employers in Lublin today. And why becoming a Brand is important?

Companies in Lublin are facing an increasing attrition rate among employees - not only a higher remuneration can convince an employee to stay in the company. What can persuade employees not to change their jobs? Is building an employer brand important for recruiting and retaining the best specialists on the labor market? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the latest report Randstad Employer Brand Research.

On Friday 24th May in Lublin, Randstad team of specialists on employer branding Magdalena Skowrońska, HR Consultancy Advisor and Agnieszka Braunberger, Senior Branch Manager for Lubelskie and Podkarpackie Region in Randstad Polska together with Łukasz Goś, Director of Investor Relations Office (City of Lublin) shared the results and their comments on the 9th edition of Randstad Employer Brand Research during a meeting and workshops organized for entrepreneurs from Lublin and the region. The participants could learn what determines the quality of employer’s image and what impact it may have on creating the labor market in Lublin..

Employers under pressure

A high rate of employee turnover, salary pressure – particularly in the IT and manufacturing sectors    – shortage of professionals with technical education are the main challenges that companies in Lublin are facing on the labor market today. Employers from the region also are struggling with adapting their offer to employees’ expectations and not only in terms of remuneration-according to  the report carried out by Randstad experts. The solution in many of these issues may be taking care of the key aspects from the employees’ point of view, which – in their opinion – build a positive employer image.

Employees’ list of expectations

According to the survey, when considering an employment offer, employees are looking for something more than just an attractive remuneration level. Stability of employment, a pleasant atmosphere at work as well as a work-life balance are also important factors that have impact on candidates’ decisions. The above mentioned elements, but also i.a. the location of the plant with convenient access, were indicated by the survey respondents as the main reasons for staying in a given work place. In fact, employers have a significant influence on each of these aspects.

Strategy of employer branding

Identification of some aspects important to employees and candidates in a given region, professional and age group is one of the crucial steps towards conscious building of employer brand. Another one is the analysis of aspects which the employer can take care of as first and foremost to limit the attrition rate and to effectively attract new candidates. Although such a comprehensive approach to employer branding in Polish enterprises is not that common, every year the respondents of the Randstad Employer Brand Research survey indicate, in their opinion, the most attractive employers. They are also present in the Lubelskie region. According to the survey, the most desirable employers in the region are: Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego PZL-Świdnik, Herbapol Lublin, Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe “Puławy”.

Win-Win situation for everyone

The Randstad report shows that 50% of candidates will never work in a company with a bad reputation – despite a better salary. This is a clear sign for the employer showing how important a strong employer brand is for an effective recruiting of the best talents on the labor market and even for attracting employees to a given place. A candidate is ready to relocate for a dream job.

The City of Lublin strives to convince employees, students and residents to stay in Lublin as an attractive city both for working and living, providing work balance; the city invests in a recreation space, cultural and restaurant offer and implement the strategy of attracting investors to provide new work places. However, specifically good and attractive jobs are important today. Strong, positively associated employer brands present in Lublin reflect an attractive labor market. And good employers in the city are its best ambassadors.

Report can be downloaded here.

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