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Kęćko: step out of your comfort zone!

In Lublin, in the past two years the startups’ support ecosystem has developed significantly. Minor deficiencies are now visible only in the area of ​​mentoring and support by the so-called “business angels”. – What’s promising is the fact that our young companies stand out from others in our country – says Marcin Kęćko, the deputy head of the Strategy and Investor Relations Department of Lublin. He convinces that not everyone is cut out to be a businessman. Why is that?

How does the city supports young entrepreneurs?

It uses a numbers of ways. The city’s attitude towards entrepreneurship and its support is now a bit different than it was before. We want to give young people tools and knowledge on how to verify a business idea. We do not intend to encourage young people to immediately set up and register their companies. Our philosophy of promoting entrepreneurship is based foremost on the ability to effectively implement the idea. We bet on the strategy of creating a more entrepreneurial culture, which in result leads to the creation of distinctive characteristics of the local community where will present the willingness to take risks (such as foundation of the company or implementation of an innovative idea), and will have competences to assess the risk accurately. We want to make this entering into business world the most gentle as it is possible. If we register the company right away we must take into consideration that it requires some costs, therefore you need to cover it and there may be problems with a company’s liquidity. It is not a positive experience, especially for those who set up a business for the first time. We should not proceed to company’s registration until the first customers have confirmed that they want to use our solution and until we verify all hypotheses concerning our future activity. A young entrepreneur, who is aware of how to develop the business, knows the market and the competition, and knows how to acquire new customers successfully, has much greater chance to achieve a success.

I understand that this is preceded by some meetings or workshops for future entrepreneurs?

We teach through projects fulfilled together with the institutions from the business environment. We rely on proven methodologies such as Lean Startup, Customer Development and Design Thinking that teach primarily the effective execution of ideas. (…)

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