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Lubella opened a production complex and the logistics centre

The modern production complex with an automated logistics centre worth of PLN 130 million – which was opened this year – will allow Lubella to strengthen its position as a leader in the pasta market in Poland.

On 17 May 2018, Lubella – a subsidiary of the Maspex Group – opened a modern production and warehouse complex that is worth of PLN 130 million. The investment includes the construction of a production and warehouse hall with technical infrastructure, the installation of a modern production line as well as the construction of an automated high-bay warehouse. The modern logistics centre will provide space for almost 26.000 pallets over 12 levels. In addition to its size, the centre also impresses with its technological advancement, mainly modern automatic systems, thanks to which the pallets are identified from the very beginning and are transported to the place of storage within automated transport systems.

Since 2003, when Lubella became part of the Maspex Group, the company from Wadowice has invested in Lublin PLN 400 million – mainly in the production and logistics area, extension of the raw material supply, including grain milling. Owing to these investments, Lubella has increased its production capacity 8 times – currently it can produce 170 thousand tonnes of cereal products per year and store 40.000 pallets in its warehouses. Due to the modernisation of a durum wheat mill, which is currently considered as one of the most modern in this part of Europe, Lubella – as the only producer of cereal products in Poland – grinds the cereal on its own.

Alongside investment in the production and logistics area, Maspex invests heavily in the Lubella brand, which results in its current position on the market – Lubella is the undisputed leader on the pasta market with a market share of 33%, a vice leader on the breakfast cereal market and a leading producer of flour (source: Maspex for Nielsen, MAT,  March 2018).

The company has the widest offer of pasta in Poland and a wide range of cereals, flour and groats – 70 goods items in total. The products under the brand of Lubella are sold to more than 20 countries all over the world. They are exported, among other countries, to the UK, the US, Belgium, Lithuania, Latvia, Canada, the Netherlands, Ireland, as well as Iceland, Bosnia and Macedonia. Lubella bases itself on raw material resources, mostly coming from the Polish regions – it cooperates with over 130 farmers. Annually, the company purchases more than 100.000 tonnes of wheat.

Krzysztof Pawiński, Chairman of the Maspex’s Management Board: Thanks to the completed investments, Lubella can be a showcase of the food industry not only in Poland, but also in Europe. Modern technologies available to Lubella permit us to create new products tailored to market trends and consumer needs. The investments in the area of logistics constitute our advantage in trade – thanks to them, we will be able to deliver our products faster and more efficiently.

Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of the City of Lublin: The investment of the Maspex Group in a modern production complex with the logistics centre worth of PLN 130 million is further proof that the food industry holds an important place in the city’s economic landscape. I would like to emphasise that Lublin is an important centre for the development of the food processing industry due to long-term traditions and the central location of a large agricultural region. The Lublin region is both a business-friendly place and a Polish centre of agricultural production that supplies 1/3 of raw materials for the domestic consumer market.

Andrzej Gąsiorek, Vice Chairman of the Lubella’s Management Board: Established in 2007, the subzone Lublin, which is part of the Euro-Park Mielec Special Economic Zone, prompts investments and encourages investors to invest in this city. Lubella is a company of great importance to this region. The investments have allowed us to create new jobs for additional 60 people – the residents of Lublin and surrounding areas. At present, we employ over 460 people. We also cooperate with external transport and construction companies, technical services and suppliers of raw materials and packaging. The more we develop, the more and more companies and people from the Lublin region benefit from the cooperation with our company.

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