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Lublin and Kryvyi Rih join forces to become partner cities

February 2, 2022, has become another important date in the history of Lublin’s cooperation with Ukraine. Thanks to the resolution adopted by the Lublin City Council, Kryvyi Rih will become yet another of our Ukrainian partner cities, alongside Lviv, Sumy, Starobelsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne, Luhansk, Lutsk, and Kharkiv.
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During a City Council session, Kryvyi Rih was represented by its Councillor, Mr Yurii Krasnozhon. The next step is to finalize a partnership agreement between the two cities.

The city of Kryvyi Rih has been a target of many missile attacks since the beginning of the war. To support the people there, we have provided humanitarian aid consisting of essential items such as food, clothing, and medical supplies, funded by donations. In the near future, Protection Civile, a French organization that helps civilians in crisis situations, will collaborate with the City of Lublin to send a high-powered generator to Kryvyi Rih. To show our support and solidarity in the midst of the ongoing conflict, we wanted to raise the level of our cooperation to a city-to-city partnership, says Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of Lublin.

The formal cooperation between Lublin and Kryvyi Rih began in 2017 when representatives of both cities signed a letter of intent for cooperation. Over the years, delegations from Kryvyi Rih have made several working visits and were participants in the Congress of Cross-border Cooperation. What is more, Kryvyi Rih was one of the Ukrainian cities involved in the “Professional personnel in local government – creating competent public administration teams to support local government reform in Ukraine” project, and within the framework of the “From the Lublin Union to the European Union” project, two socio–historical debates were held in the city, focusing primarily on the analysis of the Lublin Union and the contemporary assumptions of the Eastern Partnership, the European Union and NATO.

I very much welcome the decision of the Lublin City Council to forge a partnership agreement between our cities. For many years, Lublin has been a trusted partner to us and we are especially grateful for your support during the war waged by Russia against Ukraine, says Yuriy Vilkul.

Kryvyi Rih with a population of 689,000 is the seventh largest city in Ukraine. It is located in the central-eastern region of the country, and it’s known for its rich minerals and gemstone mining. This industrial metropolis draws visitors with its unique attractions, such as an iron ore mine located 1,556 meters underground, which is the deepest tourist route in the world. Other popular tourist spots include a steel mill and a pipe rolling mill, while Pocztowa Street serves as the city’s main artery and cultural and economic hub since the early 20th century. Another notable attraction is the 22-meter-diameter flower clock, the largest of its kind in the world. The Cossack of Kryvyi Rih, a statue of the legendary founder of the city, which is located in front of the Executive Committee building in the city centre, has become a symbol of Kryvyi Rih. There are almost 30 churches and religious architectural landmarks in Kryvyi Rih. The city is also the hometown of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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