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Lublin has been analysed in the third edition of Antal’s Business Environment Assessment Study, conducted in partnership with Cushman & Wakefield ,Vastint under the patronage of PAIH (Polish Investment and Trade Agency) and the Pro Progressio .The investment growth of Polish cities is largely determined by their infrastructure, educational potential, office availability, and employment potential. What is the score of Lublin in the ranking for investment?
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The reports that comprehensively present the investment potential of Lublin, Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Łódź, Gdańsk, Krakow and Katowice, are based on subjective opinions of decision-makers including CEOs, board members, and department directors of companies present in Poland. The study comprised an analysis of seven factors impacting the attractiveness and driving investment. They are infrastructure, office space, governmental support, educational potential, employment potential, business potential, and assessment of a city as a place to live.

Stabilization despite pandemic

According to the report, Lublin is a city that attracts investors’ interest. The average rating of our city is 6.4 points on a 10-point scale. The highest scores were given in the area of educational potential (7.1 p), the assessment of location as a place to live (7.0 p), and infrastructure (6.3 p).

Lublin has recently become one of the fastest-growing metropolises in the country. It is a modern, open and recognizable place, not only in Poland but also in Europe. This is a result of already undertaken infrastructure investments, which greatly influence not only the economic potential but also the quality of life of Lublin residents. The established mechanism of supporting investments, which is based on close cooperation with universities and local institutions, also turned out to be effective. This allowed Lublin to attract almost 80 external entities that invested their capital here. A good approach to supporting entrepreneurship, accurate investments, and a strategy of maintaining the diversity of the city’s economy have led to a situation in which it is easier to maintain stable development in Lublin – says Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of Lublin.


Operating and employment costs in Lublin are 20-30% lower than in Central and Western Poland. The city is the centre of the Lublin Metropolitan Area, numbering over 600,000 inhabitants, of which about 339,000 are the citizens of Lublin. This creates a large internal market with a high absorption capacity. 49% of the inhabitants are under 40 while 58% of the population are people of working age – emphasizes Radosław Kostka, Acquisition Manager, Vastint.

The power of infrastructure improvements

The magnet that attracts investors to Lublin is the dynamically developing infrastructure. The construction of a bypass, access roads, modernization of city public transport, and the launch of Lublin Airport strengthen the position of our city on the map of Poland and Europe. Public transport in this area was the factor that received the highest score, amounting to as much as 7.2 p. on a ten-point scale. For years, Lublin has been developing sustainable and ecological transport and investing in the modern fleet. It already meets the requirement of 30% of zero-emission vehicles. being at the forefront of electromobility systems in Poland and even in Europe. The added value for Lublin’s investment potential is also the high availability of office space .The assessment of infrastructure is at the level of 6.3 p and the assessment of the availability of office space at 6.1 p on a ten-point scale in 2021.

Lublin currently ranks eighth in terms of office space supply in Poland. What is more, the market is completely dominated by local developers. I am very pleased that finally, after 2 years of stagnation, we can expect a large supply of office spaces in Lublin” says Agnieszka Gułaś, Senior Negotiator, Cushman & Wakefield. When it comes to investments in Lublin itself, the most crucial is a construction of a new Metropolitan Station. The communication hub, the design of which went to the finals of the World Building of the Year competition, has a chance to become one of the most modern facilities of this type in Europe and a new showcase of the city – adds the expert.

Growing educational potential

Lublin is one of Poland’s leading academic centres. Nine universities and colleges guarantee a wide range of competences. Lublin has over 60, 000 students. Most of them specialise in finance (7,800), IT (3,400), and in the field of engineering (3,300). Human capital was assessed at 7.1 points on a ten-point scale. As a result, Lublin residents boast foreign language proficiencies, specialist expertise, and strong work ethics. This provides investors with access to high-skilled labour.

It is worth mentioning that the capital of the Lubelskie Voivodeship is also an attractive location for foreigners. In the academic year 2019/2020, 6,707 out of 60,315 undergrads were from different countries, which makes Lublin the most internationalized big city in Poland (11.12%) leaving behind the cities like Warsaw and Cracow.

Among all students of linguistics studies, the majority chose English philology, followed by German and Spanish philology. The students are therefore multilingual, which is especially valuable for employers in the shared services sector. The city attracts students with a wide range of study programs, excellent academic staff, and various activities to support students. Programs such as “Study in Lublin” as well as lower cost of living and the location close to the eastern border are the factors that attract students especially those from foreign countries – explains Izabela Wądołowska, Senior Consultant, Antal SSC / BPO.


Development of Lublin labour market

Lublin’s strong asset is the availability of skilled staff. Employees specialising in ​​linguistics and IT are the ones that received the highest score. Equally high rates of availability of labour were noted among staff with sales competences and among lower-level staff. Such potential of human capital makes the Lublin agglomeration one of the most internationalized labour markets in Poland.


Intellectual potential is very important for the quality of labour market in Lublin. More and more companies choose Lublin as a place of future investments due to the high standard of education, huge scientific potential, innovation, and constant availability of trained staff. Lublin entrepreneurs are in close cooperation with universities, which greatly influences the employment and the development of the industry and service sector – says Monika Kiliańska, Team Manager, Antal IT Services.

What distinguishes the Lublin labour market is above all the availability of middle and senior-level specialists with linguistic competences, as well as the high access to a staff with competences in the field of IT and sales. The investment climate of the city, as well as the rapidly developing office space market, are conducive to the growth of the modern services and information technology sector – adds Kiliańska.

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